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Please donate

Post by Leo(T.C.K.) »

as I said in OU:

A friend has set up a ko-fi page for me:

It should be in my signature from now on also..
(trying if that works)
content exclusive to this post:
I know I haven't been updating on my situation much lately but that's because its been so stresful thogh if anywhere I was active on OU the most.

At least this option is there now. I've been starving at times, each week being in danger of thrown out etcetera. Sometimes having to choose for food or "rent" because I got stuck here for a while, only now the law is changing again which will allow me to leave, but now I am out of funds to do so, when I had them it was the wrong time (as the law changed for the worse) and I wasted it on this place which is too expensive I didnt get a formal contract as i didnt pay rent upfront and couldnt and I am ....
i csn't even finish the sentence as zeur is ranting and raving here irl, I forgot what I had in mind honestly. Just flew out of my head.

He also attempted what other people saw as suicide so that doesn't help.

Maybe this should have been in the IRL troubles section...
I'm in grave IRL trouble, please donate:
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