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My Inactivity

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I would usually go with "XcytheXtorm here," but since my post's energy isn't suitable for this time due to my concerns for VooDoo, among many other things, I decided to not go for this, so I will have to say Good afternoon to all of you.

I am aware that I have been inactive the past few weeks, and I hold responsibility for this. However, the reason behind all this was because my studies have been increased more than usual, and that I'm now going through the phase of taking the SAT test; in fact, I will take the official SAT test for the first time upcoming Saturday. 2019 has been one of my great years, especially the times where I entered a new sport, bought my dream phone, and met my old best friend who's willing to see me again: Selina. Selina has never ceased to surprise me again with her presence after 10 months and her behavior is better than the last time we were back again, which proved that I loved her more than usual. Selina wanted to see me before my SAT test and is now agreeing upon when we should meet again. Back to the point, I promise that I will try to be as active as I can, and that I could post more theories as soon as I am free. I hope my message has been carefully analyzed, and I would like to send my condolences to VooDoo, hoping that she will return without any sort of problems hanging in her way.

Best Regards,

Peace be with You, and God's Mercy and Blessings

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