Unreal Story - The Vortex Rikers Chronicle

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Unreal Story - The Vortex Rikers Chronicle

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It all started with a plan... a plan for the Unified Military Services to build one of the largest, the most-known, and yet the most haunting prison vessel ever known to mankind.
The year is 2184, and the UMS Headquarters (located in the heart of Xanith-6 Archus, in the Rikers Island) was finding some ideas for a ship that can serve as a prison vessel and a military starship, but it was planned to be mostly used for sending prisoners to other jails found within the largest space stations and planets that include jails. John Rikers Verdun has decided to contact the CEOs of Omega Storm, Atlas, Liandri, Axon, and Izanagi in order to validate the testament of taking resources and advanced technology found within ships the mentioned corporations use for mining ships, military crafts, and even regular citizen ships. After the validation has been signed, the resources arrived three months later; thus, the construction of both the Rikers and UMS's advanced ships (Bodega Bay and the Prometheus) began. After a year, the ships have been built.

The first ever prisoner transport operation with the Vortex Rikers was "Operation: Prison Gate I" Which ended after 6-8 years with more than 87,000 prisoners sent to the Atlas Prisoner Colony. The Rikers' darkest plan, though, is that 2-4 torture chambers are found within the ship. They were used whenever a prisoner was going insane or aggressive, and were also used as an execution chamber. The Vortex Rikers was an instant success being the first ever prison vessel to ever cross space vortices that none of mankind could ever pass through, and an evidence provided by Rikers Verdun himself is the fact that he used a material which was a crossover of Papyrus Akhash (Atlas' modified Papyrus), Litho-2 Iron (Izanagi), Zeni-5 Titanium (Axon), and Harches-4X Xenon (Omega Storm) which is 96% resistant to most of the effects a vortex might give to a ship that passes through it. The Vortex Rikers costed $3,285,099 to build and bring up the newest technology of its time. It was then after 25-28 years the ship has been ranked down from "Best" to "Average" due to its dated materials and its downfall.
The food was getting worse and the personnel weren't organized as before. The ship was already weak concerning the material that gave off its grey color, turning brown.

The last ever operation, Operation: Prison Gate VII, was a massacre. It was a time where Gina was a new prisoner, a 23-24 year old lady whose number was 849. She was trying many methods to get out of the prison cell, and none of them worked. It was then both an undefined asteroid hit the ship and Gryphon 4-a's gravitational pull eradicated the existence of the Rikers, falling to the village where the falls of the Goddess NyLeve would be located in... There was no sign of life except for a few personnel and escapists who perished in the hands of the hostile and well known Skaarj. After Prisoner 849's lucky escape and survival from both the Skaarj and the ship's crash land, she made it through her adventure from Na Pali to the Mothership to the outer layer of Na Pali, where the UMS Bodega Bay captured her for Operation: Talon Hunter.

The ship, as of now, is still down there, with no other way of taking it up for repairs than to leave it down as a communications base, if only the link between it and any UMS ships work...
It has been left for more than 67 years, where corpses lie around the ship, the hull now filled with no odor as of the gases produced by Skaarj trails around, the blood becoming dry and cold, the place entirely dimmed, where 85% of the ship is dark. Silence has passed through the ship, and nothing has changed... except the only way to get rid of this massacre is by changing the Rikers to a communication station. But only... only the legacy of this ship stays within the core of it.
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