2018: The Year of Partial Disappointment

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2018: The Year of Partial Disappointment

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I am to be talking about what caused this year to partially disappoint me, but also that this year made me stronger.

As you all know, I had lost friends this year. And it's a pretty normal phenomenon if you ask me, because in the end God provides us with something better and something that can easily destroy the feeling of reluctance and melancholy. What really disappointed me is that this year I have lost 4-5 friends, whom I really adored back then. If we're talking about now (this very period), I am not even disappointed nor sad anymore, because I know that I will see better and that I can do better.
Leah, whose mother unfortunately passed away, told me that unfortunately our friendship isn't going well for some issues I shall keep as private. I wasn't even shocked, because I really didn't feel like I was a "close friend" of her, nor did she even think the same. Selina (my other former best friend whose name is covered for obvious reasons) has honestly stabbed me in the heart, betraying me after telling her that I need to give balance between her and Leah (Long story short: when I met Leah for a while, I started to be closer to Leah more than Selina. I didn't want to be close to one person and get further away from the other, which was a mistake I have learnt recently and I am willing not to repeat the same mistake again like a fool. This caused Selina to not care about me anymore). She blocked me through WhatsApp, and I wasn't able to contact her except for the only social media app she frequently uses, Instagram. I calmly asked what was the reason behind her blocking me through WhatsApp and that was the only thing she told me:

"We cannot talk anymore, unfortunately, because we really don't suit the characteristics of being 'best friends.' I only wish that everything will go fine for you and I."

To prove that I'm a gentleman, I did not cry or enrage at this particular moment, but I rather talked to her in a respected manner. I appreciated her for those 11 months and for being loyal to me as a best friend, and I certainly hoped that everything will be alright. A sprinkle of respect and appreciation was enough to end our friendship, despite the reason that was a bit too infuriating. (No, I wasn't even furious).

We both bid farewell.
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What was pretty saddening is that my friendship between me and Selina lasted 11 months (almost a year), and Leah's was 1 year as friends, only two months as best friends.

The second thing that disappointed me this year is the fact that having a flat foot caused me to retire from the Basketball training, this is because my foot is a bit tilted and could cause some painful infections in the ankle if I ran incorrectly. On the contrary, I found a solution to the flat foot issue: My father bought three arch support braces in order to help with the shape of my feet so that they're in good condition. I am still awaiting to receive them in the 10th of December or perhaps afterwards.

I have learned a lot from 2018, and I'm willing to get better as we speak.
“God has revealed to me, that you must be humble. No one should boast over one another, and no one should oppress another.” - Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
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