New Story Establishing Soon

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New Story Establishing Soon

Post by SerpentineStorm-(DOG)- »

Epsilon Here!

I am establishing a new story, a new series called "Project Achleron," which is a series talking about a mysterious artifact and its effects, there will be factions fighting for this artifact, Achleron.

This series has nothing to do with the "Xangent Series" and is completely non canon to the story that involves the fictional character of mine, but revolves around each Character. It is also my first story series that won't have its parts split into numerous posts like how I do with "Project Syndicate - Xangent's Aura of Faith." After the first episode is done, the whole story with its parts are combined into one post.

The first episode - Wicked Creations - revolves around a member of the Special Operations and the Task Force Office, abbreviated to "S.O.T.F.O." The member's name is "Elijah Dylan," a Second Lieutenant.

2nd Lt. Elijah Dylan has been wanted by General Connor Isaac to his office, intending to brief him about the artifact named Achleron, which was captured by a Seljinic-American scientist named "Raymond Fischer" in a secret laboratory located in Seljin occupied Serbia, in the Kragujevac district. It was unknown what Raymond intended to do with the artifact, but it was presumed it was for research purposes.
Elijah has been placed with a few other friends of different squads to a special squad different than the squad he originally served in, Special Squad 583. And they have been dropped to the nearest unguarded streets of the district.

After entering the outer base, they breached the defenses (will reveal everything in the story) and entered the laboratory... What horrible secrets does Raymond hold? Stay tuned...

The story is written through my phone in the use of an application, once the story is ready, I will then copy and paste the story into the post instead of working onto the story on the forum itself.

Third part of Project Syndicate will be beginning to be written soon.

Best Regards :)

Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici.
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