Reminder II

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Reminder II

Post by SerpentineStorm-(DOG)- »

Xangent Speaks,

Hey everyone!
I wanted to write this reminder because of something about the story "Xelios Unleashed."
Basically I find what I wrote good, but not the same rate as that of my other story "Epsilon-X: Antecedent Tangent 083."
The reason the story gets too quick was because I was a bit on the blue, not because of anything, but because of an argument between me and my best friend after she betrayed me by disrespecting me (and no, I'm not depressed, and I was never depressed), so it made an impact to my way of thinking about the story, which made it good, but not as good as the other story.
So for that, it would be a strange way for me to say sorry because of something like this, but I wanted to apologize because I may have not done the story like expected, but I wanted to make the story as good as possible.
I tried hard to make it as good as possible.

I hope you did understand this reminder, and I tried my best on the story...

[Note] I'm not sad now, because I have changed and became a different person, a different person who knows that there are other people to talk to, which makes me blessed.

Best Regards. :)

Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici.
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