Xelios Unleashed: United Factions

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Xelios Unleashed: United Factions

Post by SerpentineStorm-(DOG)- »

...And after all these days, I still remember Antecedent X's words... and each word I decipher becomes a message both vague and understood, which is really strange, cryptic, and anomalous...

After a complete 20 minutes of silence, a large explosion ensures...

I see Antecedent X get inside the recently landed Mothership, with his crew defeating each Skaarj, literally the whole Skaarj died before they get to shoot or slash a blade!
Antecedent Beta came up and opened the cells that hold me, and Power Tangent who is actually in a Brute Tank.

She, and Antecedent X were holding a conversation that changed me:

"Epsilon (me): So Beta, you did very well!"

"Beta: Thanks, Epsilon, never ever thought Frasier would do this to you!"

"Antecedent X: It was rather Kraagesh with the Skaarj Knights that have captured the poor Warrior and kept him."

"Epsilon (me): Well, at least it wasn't like how Mt. Drakkensburg, South Africa got invaded by a whole bunch of Barons that wanted nothing but control over the Mountains for their needy leaders to lead on!"

"Beta: Well, Epsilon, if you ask that, then you'd better know something real quick:
Each time Life gives out a mystery, which then combine as a whole set of mysteries, but then these mysteries become treasures.
Besides, Tangent, they are the ones who kept the world a secret place with treasures all around and none of which may have an appropriate answer for each mystery found in them. And what is one of those treasures you ask? Terrorism..."

"Epsilon (me): Well, Beta, not only Terrorism, but Politics in general...
We made a supreme idea where we can govern ourselves for good, only for those 'dictators' to have it in their hands and make us look like the animals treated! Or even the wastes we leaked on our very Nature!
Which really makes the body of Nature shout out the word "Enough!" in our ears...
I wonder who would be the next dictator who could stop the BFoE and fix the whole world for the problems we faced."

"Antecedent X: Tangent, it will be you, and I'm certain of that, but beware my fellow Warrior for something really deep, something each dictator is certain of but doesn't follow it..."

"Epsilon (me): What could it be, sir?"

"Antecedent X: Each change in something political would lead to many people protesting for it to be its own original state, but you could keep this and people would completely change who they were: Mindless Protesting People...
And if you took that idea seriously, many people will support who you are for your claims."

"Epsilon (me): I do get the idea, sir, but I will listen to this as if it's my first time."

"Antecedent X: But not only us, as the MatriX Terminator Faction, but a lot of factions have desperately wanted to unite with us, to become one with the sides that want nothing but peace.

Izanagi, Alpha, Liandri, and more Factions want peace, but from a specific person... that person is you, Delta.

Besides, I planned to shut down the Bureaucratic Internet of Europeans, which is both an advantage and a disadvantage because Upsilon is planning onto using Akimatus, Omnitus, and Morpheus... for a purpose I can't decipher!"

"Epsilon (me): ...You know, sir, something tells me that you released something, something I'm suspicious of...
That disadvantage may have to do with the shockwave the Internet has released...
It merged Akimatus, Omnitus, and Morpheus! And these three turned into a special A.I! Something has been unleashed!"

"Beta: There is still time, but maybe too little, so it's best for all of us to help you out of this massacre here and you shall proceed to Tehran, Iran! and there you'll see who's awaiting!"

So for that matter, I got up from the bed I sat on, and moved up to the dropship so that I could move close to Tehran, Iran.
I saw the MatriX Terminator, Alpha, Psi Organization, Omega Storm, and more Factions that are helping me out, all of them were saying good lucks and hopes that encourage me to go there to Tehran, Iran.

And as the moment I landed on Tehran, Iran... the doors have opened, and I found more dropships, each from our opposing force and each from our factions, and not only that, but a group of Sky Scorcher Helicopters were fighting Skaarj Skimmers and Spaceship fighters were up in the sky, launching powerful shots of Missiles, Plasma Weaponry, and even Blitzkriegs of doom!

And since I was VERY close to the center of the Internet, I got in, and the doors were closing slowly...
One shot got me too good, a blade to my leg, and what got me?
In the shadows of the center, I see two red eyes and a smirking mouth that were facing me, it was suggested that it could be Upsilon!

"Upsilon: Ha ha! Frasier and I made an agreement, and he accepted the fact that I'll be a dictator! Not only a dictator but a supreme monster of my own! And you shall meet my inspiration, Xelios!"

"Xelios: It is I, Xelios! A Powerful version of Helios! But I do not consider myself evil or good unless we can see who could take me... for granted!"

"Upsilon: He he... I'll be using a powerful weapon of my own to be a powerful dictator! You're real late, Tangent!"

"Epsilon (me): We'll see... about that!"

After those words, a superior explosion blasted right near the center! Upsilon went off to check what was the problem and went outside the center.

Xelios forced the doors to be locked down easily, and dragged me with a mechanical arm. He held me for a conversation...
A conversation I won't forget....

Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici.
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