the 90s

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the 90s

Post by Leo(T.C.K.) »

I just woke up from a dream, except part of the dream was a real memory or let me recall it as if I was just there.

I was with my aunt, she stayed over at her boyfriend's place in one of those tall buildings...

We played games like Civilization and some violent fighting games but nobody cared that I was a kid playing it, I slept in what was originally his room, he had some posters with nudity but nobody cared.

And the worst thing that could happen in a day was that I missed watching an episode of Power Rangers. I remembered missing one of those Lokar episodes and being really upset about it because I think someone else wanted to watch something else.

Either way, then I wake up, to this really monotonous and depressing world and wonder what happened. There was all that good stuff around I didn't need to seek it. There was some real quality, some real "oomph" to things.

Is it then strange that I seek this '96 beta of Unreal so much. Is it strange that I despise beyondunreal moderators looking down on people still playing Unreal, no matter if vanilla or 227 sourceport like things? That I get actively ridiculed and abused for it. And that I get told complete opposite of what happened, like they want to get rid of me having deserved credit for helping out 3's server after cardi was gone and only receiving instructions/suggestions from 3 while the liar was nowhere to be found and he tells me that I was hardly worth mentioning? It's exactly the other way, psycho moderator...

And is it strange that Bryan, even though he hasn't been there himself, likes the 90s so much too and gathers retro equipment?

It's not strange to me.

EDIT: Oh yea and it all had "spirit" too.
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