New Map: DM-Shard

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New Map: DM-Shard

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Hi :)

A couple days ago I discovered a mapping contest that I first heard of at BeyondUnreal, The whole idea is what kind of a map you can make using ONLY 20 Brushes, the only exceptions to the 20 brush count are ZonePortals and a Skybox (unless it has more than one brush) This is for Unreal Tournament

The maps are first being submitted today, Mine is already submitted at the site where this contest is going on, but I figured maybe you guys would like it, so here it is :)

If you remember the Sunspire, and that beam that goes up when the SkyLift is called, this is supposedly where the Nali would recieve the signal, and give the go to send down a skylift, this is supposed to be located higher up from a nearby SkyTown. Liandri has taken over the area and converted it to a fighting arena, but I'm their architect :)

It is a relatively small arena, but I'm sure its something you've never seen before. I had a blast playing this in Botmatch. There are 21 brushes total but only 18 are counted, the other 3 is either part of the Skybox or a Zoneportal. Recommended player amount is 4 but there are 6 spawns. There is 1 semi-secret area, it has a few goodies there that, as seemingly little, can really change the fate of the game :)

One thing however, the Grey and Green teleports are a bit tricky, I cannot exactly determine what angle they will spawn you at <messed with it for about 10 minutes, nothing really good> watch your step through those, purple sometimes too, otherwise, go right in :)

I have sent sparky the map but the file sizes are pretty small, DMShard.unr - 330kb | Skyward.umx - 980kb
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