Modifications for Player

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Modifications for Player

Post by Oldsparky » Tue Sep 23, 2008 1:37 pm

Modification of Master Server List in Ini file for Player Side

Since the GameSpy master server is down you may want to modify your unreal ini file to use master servers various organizations and persons have put on line.

You will need to locate your unreal or unreal gold ini file. You will find that in the unreal or unrealgold system folder and looks like a text document with a small gear on it.

Right click copy and paste a backup of this to some safe location.

This may be opened with note pad or any text editor. Scroll down until you find the part that is like this.


This tells your game to look at the master server at gamespy which of course is not working. What we are doing is adding some custom master servers to the ini file which will instruct our game to look at other master servers and to get server data from them as well.

Make your ListFactories above look like this

ListFactories[1]=UBrowser.UBrowserGSpyFact,,MasterServer TCPPort=28900,GameName=unreal
ListFactories[2]=UBrowser.UBrowserGSpyFact,,MasterServerTC PPort=28900,GameName=unreal

Notice the sequential numbering 0-4 in the []. This is required to be in order.
Notice the; in front of ;ListFactories[0]=, this basically tells unreal not to use the non working game spy master server to stop the server list from hanging on this. However if gamespy repairs the master server you will have to remove this semicolon later in order to use it. You may turn off any of the master server searches if they are causing you trouble by putting a ; at the beginning of the line and unreal will ignore that master server line. If you read at the bottom of the all server list, it will tell you which master server timed out.

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