NEW DM│ DM_Egyptian_Temple

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NEW DM│ DM_Egyptian_Temple

Post by Nikola-(DOG)- »

You can hear it too,right? The mysterious flutes of Egypt and sunshine in your eyes... well until you get a headshot from rifle, of course.

I bring you guys a new DM map which is inspired by Egyptian architecture. For this map I have put together entirely new texture pack. Thanks to Rubie and Smirf who helped me to find some useful things for the editor and decorations!

The map contains some nice amount of ammo and for some spicy gameplay I added one superhealth, kevlar, armor and shield belt. There are two Ujump pads so I think you guys are going to have fun with that. If you are interested in the decoration packs I used there you can contact me here or on Discord and I will provide them. I am not author though, but these are really beautiful and big fun to use.

This is my first map with this theme and I can say I enjoyed it very much! The building proccess was quite easy and fun to do. The ideas somehow just popped in my head so I was like ok, lets do it. The map contains light shadows (or rays? thats a question! lol) in the windows and sun corona. I meant to do that like there is sun from on side of the temple and the back is little in shadow. Let me know your thoughts on this! Thank you.
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Re: NEW DM│ DM_Egyptian_Temple

Post by strategy-(DOG)- »

Another wonderful map! :flap:
You are such a talented and creative mapper, Nikola! Thank you very much for your amazing work!! WOOF!
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