My history in Unreal

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My history in Unreal

Post by Osiris »

Hi, I'm Osiris.

I wanted to tell you my story about my first step in Unreal, until now. It will only be my passage through the Online. It should be noted that I will tell good things like bad things (in acts or things) that I have done.

It all started in 2008 when I tried my first cooperative server called Zombie deadzone coop (most know what the server is). I entered the JgJ clan, a former Spanish-speaking clan, where I left because of some internal problems in which I got involved against others. This is where I swore to have revenge towards that clan.

I met ToNY a while later on the server mentioned above, where we made the TVA clan (he and I were the founders of it). I made several dm fights against a couple of the jgj clan where I could win and my "revenge" was decreasing until it was over.

I had an extensive history of entries and exits within the JgJ and TVA clan, where I had a fairly low emotional stability, where I came to the conclusion that I was quite immature, truth be told.

Nothing especially happened, until I began to create clans just to attack both clans, as I said it was an act of immaturity.

And this is the hardest thing to tell ... I was a member of the FCDE (tiago clan) for a short period of time, of course at that time I had not shown disrespect Tiago towards our deceased leader OldSparky (may God have him in his glory). My purpose in that clan was to spy on the JgJ and TVA clans, where I committed a serious act (humiliating a newly returned community member of the JgJ) where I won the total enmity of both clans, with total reason.

After that, I wanted to help steal members of the Santiago clan to give them to the TVA and JgJ, but it was too late.

Embarrassed, I left the Tiago clan, here it begins when I show interest in the Sigma Confederation.

After a positive vote in my favor of entering the Sigma, I was limited to re-restrictions, because of my old behavior, until that was over and I was able to make a totally normal stay. I was very active in that clan, I helped everything I could, because I had really realized that hate, resentment and anger were good allies, which made me a radical turn in my way of being. Let's say it was a therapy for me, that it was necessary and that I managed to overcome. I achieved many things, such as individual prizes and things like that, but my task was to help, that's secondary to things I earned.

I entered the sigma in 2013 and left on February 3, 2019, a long time. When I left, they were sad and dark moments, because I lost what I fought for. I just went out because I didn't see it helping much or anything like that.

Currently, I am in a big family like the DOG, in which I am very grateful to be a part, from strategy for letting me in ... going from voodoo to being a great friend and confidant ... going through nikola who is a great friend who knows that he will have me by his side ... krullox that I also consider him a friend ... you are a big family, and noticing the love and treatment you have given me, I want to honor the opportunity you have given me .. .

Therefore, THANK you all WOOF, WOOF!

PS: Don't worry, I don't want to leave here :) I just wanted to be honest and see that not everything I've done is good, I'm a person with defects, like everyone else. That wanted to make them see.

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Re: My history in Unreal

Post by strategy-(DOG)- »

i guess everyone of us did things he/she is not proud about. it is all about evolving, getting mature and try to do the right things ;)

you are very welcome here in the -(DOG)-clan! WOOF!
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Re: My history in Unreal

Post by SerpentineStorm-(DOG)- »

Serpentine (formerly Xcythe) arises!

My friend, it was seriously a touching story of yours. I'm glad you had to take the step forward and enter the -(DOG)- clan. If it weren't for us, you would have gotten worse over time. But thankfully, our plans of respect and kindness shall prove you well that you are capable. It is true that we all make mistakes, as human beings. I admit that there were a few mistakes here and there that I made (even outside the clan), but I see that the perfect human being is the human being that makes mistakes and learns from these mistakes. We also have to be cautious about our own mistakes, as they will later be the mines in a minefield. In order to find these mines and avoid them, we'd use a detector (our brain) in order to navigate through life without stepping into an old mine and exploding into the same mistakes we've stumbled once or twice in life.

Also, do not blame yourself for what actions you've taken! It helps you adapt for the better.

Best Regards,

Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici.
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