The 849,000th Tentacle hat?

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The 849,000th Tentacle hat?

Post by VooDoo-(DOG)- »

Well Smirftsch is right when he said "you can't beat a Tentacle hat". I wonder how many of these new hats have been acquired since Tentacles have been landing on heads? Like Unreal music; a Tentacle hat never gets old in this game.


Kragorth shows his delight with his new clothing accessory!

Sadly, these wonderful hats don't seem to last very long, even if someone else doesn't shoot it off your head! :cheesygrin:

It would be so funny, if, after a map-change, a player who successfully wore their hat until the end of the previous level, spawned with a hat on at the start of the next map.....
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Re: The 849,000th Tentacle hat?

Post by makemeunreal »

I am sure a semi-experienced coder could do it in no time!
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Re: The 849,000th Tentacle hat?

Post by Hyper »

Steam sells a headcrab hat.

Unreal requires a shop selling a RL tentacle hat.
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