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New find

Post by Leo(T.C.K.) »

Guys, while I was going through some old DVDs and CDs and unfortunately finding out the DVD RAMs cannot be accessed as I don't have a drive that reads them atm (or its a firmware error).

I did find something interesting on another plain DVD which was called FileFrontBackup. Now, I know some of these files survived but some didn't.

Watch this space

The most valuable find seems to be the Unreality pack, this is the version with all the maps having been revealed. This was originally Delacroix's release but it disappeared later for some reason. Then there was that effort from someone else to identify the maps but this had it done way before because not all the maps were identified by the later's effort anyway.

So there you go. I find this repack to be much better in that you get to finally know what were those dm## that couldn't be identified.

Also it has the old Division pack, before the inclusion of the custom maps (Division version 2), which kind of misses the point of it being packs of already released Epic maps that are playable. So, this was the original intention which was good, but then someone took it as if Division 2 was official release by Epic.

Division was just the opposite of Fusion (name invented by Delacroix) and just contained the GW Press stuff plus the levels from the Unreal Special Edition. And that's it. No custom put together reworks of levels from beta etc masquerading as originals. I think Ronin is partially the cause of that happening and the logic behind it being that some of those levels mentioned were featured in the official strategy guide by description, but still this is the correct way.

And I think Division v2 should have been released (the new maps) as separate maps, especially if DmVilla2f was renamed to DmVilla (as there is already a custom map by that name that was released before Epic released the GW Press maps I believe)...
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