Aura of Hope

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Aura of Hope

Post by SerpentineStorm-(DOG)- »

There is still an aura of hope that floats around me; it's an invisible one and I cannot obviously see it, but I sense it by heart...

I mentioned in the quick chat that Selina has left me once again; however, if she ever returned back I am not going to reply or return to what we used to be. I still sense that aura that floats around me...
I was in the club in the 28th of December, 2018. It was a chilly Friday and my family went for the Hepatitis C test which was in the club. The amount of participants exceeded to a suitable amount and we weren't able to book for the test. We sat down throughout a passageway that leads to the swimming pool. What surprised me is that once I was looking around, I found a girl I know from many years ago and we were friends in school. We'll call her "Jasmine," which is closer to her real name. She was standing beside her family who happen to sit in a circle around a table, same with me and my parents, along with my father's friend. We were both looking at each other for five seconds and then my eyes were open wide. This was followed by me saying her name in surprise and Jasmine smiling at me. I stood up from excitement and greeted her. Of course both families were surprised by the fact that we both know each other. I felt bad because I didn't say hello to her parents (by which I didn't pay attention to who were the father and the mother), but she did say hello to my parents, along with my father's friend. This caused us to have a better communication and an opportunity to talk to her outside school whenever we feel like it. My mom and dad convinced me that she can be a better companion and that we can hang out in the club as a matter of friendship, and she feels the same way!

This aura of hope, given by God himself, shall be of my attention and devotion to it. I shall take care of this aura and never make mistakes in order to be the greatest I can ever be. I knew that God would take away what affected my emotions for something much better.

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Re: Aura of Hope

Post by Leo(T.C.K.) »

If she feels better to you than Selina (I always associate that name with Selina Kyle, the catwoman, lol), then go ahead and be with her.

Jasmine as a name always evokes in me Jasmine from Alladin which I used to watch/play games as a kid ocassionally.

I once named a bush-cricket Jasmine. (it was of this type:

it was specificaly female of the long winged type that I named as such ... f1ejk4.jpg - see the coloring etc and eye lines? was a bit more pronounced
under the one I named, hence "jasmine"

another photo of long winged female ... ricket.jpg

I know it must be a common name over there, but that's how I first heard of it and of course from the flowers. But as a name the stuff from Alladin comes to mind (yes I know the book/tales origins too even though I don't know if she was called Jasmine there).

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