Poseidon IX: Invasion (Small Story)

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Poseidon IX: Invasion (Small Story)

Post by SerpentineStorm-(DOG)- »

Protagonist: Sgt. Keller Damien
Age: 35
Faction: Nasr Spatial Forces
Nationality: German-American

“It was only a few minutes before my sixth campaign would start… and I was gazing at the planet of Poseidon IX. The terror and wonder that runs down at unsustainable levels and unexplainable awe of this mighty planet where about 78% of it is water. I was literally gazing with vivid imaginations of creatures that appreciate the beauty of this planet… but at the same time the thought of getting to this planet to defeat its horrifying parasites on its bowels makes it worse to think about than when to think about seeing my Fiancée.

But then… a loud, certainly startling alarm rings the whole hallway, warning everyone of us to get ready into departure. Our drop pods were ready to be used, and I was ready to get down to Poseidon IX.
‘Attention all personnel: prepare yourselves and get to the drop pods immediately, we are 3 minutes away from Poseidon IX. Coordinates are 75° to 1730°.’ The transmission was certainly alarming to everyone of my platoon, and Lieutenant Blake even ordered everyone:
‘I need every marine seated in his darn drop pods immediately, we ain’t ready for losin’ to the Hydras again! Not the last time they kicked our cahoots back in Schrödinger’s Alley!’
I hurriedly ran to my drop pod, and everyone was hesitating to ride their own pods.

It was no longer than 2 minutes until the bay doors opened; but before these 2 minutes, my pal Hudson was speaking:
‘Yo, man, how’s life going so far?’

‘I was pretty darn cool with my life, had to propose to my now-fiancée, and I had a small vacation I was certainly enjoying in the hospital.’ We then chuckled a bit.

‘So… you ready to blow those humanoid freaks we’ve been studying about for the past 5 weeks?’

‘Heh, thought I would be a baby? Let’s do it bro!’

As the doors opened, everyone was all focused… and one of them exclaimed that this will be one ‘hell of a ride,’ well probably not for long.

We all departed within the same time, all of us were starting our thrusters as soon as our pods were completely outside the starship. We were all zooming until the lasers started a blazing party out on the drop. It was certainly a horrific scene…
I was dropping all the way down with critically close calls of laser weaponry getting to tackle with me in this journey. Looking around for a temporary amount of time, I’ve heard blood-curdling screams of my former comrades who got devastated from the commenced attack. ‘Blast! They got me! I lost an engine!’ I exclaimed, but then determination struck upon me as I closed in on the surface with only a handful of my colleagues remaining.

‘Sergeant! Sergeant! What’s your status?!’

‘Status is more than half of the platoon gone KIA, we are losing control of our drop pods! Darn thing is heavily damaged and I am South of LZ only two kilometers and a half away!’

‘Copy that, sending more reinforcements as soon as you drop into designated zone.’

‘Darn! These Hydra scums have tampered with our controls!’ Exclaimed one of my colleagues, who seemed to panic as soon as he tried to raise the stick up.

‘I have no other way but to crash into one of the hangars close to the LZ, command!’ I exclaimed once more, thrusting the throttle to full speed as I can, and then… boom! I crashed into the hangar right at the doors and into the weird-looking Hydra Gunship.

Unconscious for 10 minutes, I woke up and found out that I demolished the ship with the whole crew inside of that hangar. I felt strong for some reason and was feeling fine… I decided to find out what was in my ship for equipment, but only my Plasma Disintegrator Pistol remained fine, so I picked it up.

I stepped outside to hear and see the blazing falls of my colleagues’ drop pods, firefights of terror, and the alarms of the cities around me. I knew it was my time to start the game of bravery.”

This was a short story I enjoyed writing with my phone and decided to show it to you, hopefully it’s a success!
I wrote that story before the beginning of my exams, which were last week. I still have two exams left and will begin my mid-year vacation in Thursday, so this is certainly a relief, I’d say.

Project Achleron is still halted due to exams and I will continue writing it. As for Project Syndicate, I have lost interest in writing the third part and will unfortunately announce that it is cancelled. :( Until then, I’ll find better ideas to write a better story of my own character.

Best Regards,
EpsilonXangent-(DOG)- :D

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