(Concept) Two Allies Found

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(Concept) Two Allies Found

Post by SerpentineStorm-(DOG)- »

"I, Xelios, have decided to research about two of our Allies' histories, by which they are respectively the Wolfers of Wolfenstein, and the Czevik Empire.

The Wolfers of Wolfenstein are known to exist back in the 1950s, when the Wolves Organization dissolved, leaving nothing but a castle that was built during the Aztecs' time, just near a district in the borders between Germany and the Czech Republic.
The castle, otherwise known as 'Castle Wolfenstein,' serves as a munitions fortress, a research station, a place where briefings come in handy, and even a hospital for most of the warriors (nowadays we have soldiers and marines) if they were injured, or even severely injured.
Until when the Skaarj came and decided to capture the eastern part of the castle, as the western part serves as the base for the Wolfers.
Now the Wolfers are looking for revenge against the Skaarj, the Xanithian Harbingers, and even the corrupted politicians of the newly formed 'Eastern Union.'
Their flag is consisting of the Wolves' symbol, the Wolfenstein Logo:

Wolfers of Wolfenstein Logo.png

The Wolfers are ordered to speak about five languages: English, German, Italian, Arabic, and a new language the U.S.S.R reunion speaks with; 'Kraśiðaar' (pronounced Krashithaar, and th like in the word 'father')

The Czevik Empire (Pronounced Che-veek) is an antecedent empire that is about 1942 years old, dated back in 1034-1035, the Czeviks were people of Czech and other Slavic ethnicities, and served as Allies to some of the Cossacks during their time of existence. Their flag is consisting of a grey background, with a black star (with white outlines) with a white Iron Cross in the background.
Each of the names on the top right corner are their translations in three languages; English, Czech, and a new language called the 'Czussin' or 'Czusskin' language.

Czevik Empire.png

There was a banner that might explain about the rumors found in the army of the Czevs, the Czevik Warriors of the Cross:

Czevik Warriors of the Cross (Concept of Czevik Empire).png

As anticipated, the Harbingers, the Skaarj Guardians, and the Kraal Empire (different from the Krall Empire) arrived and demolished most of the Empire's property and murdered some civilians, leading to the Marshal's anger over the three factions, the Marshal (Artis Bohuslav) decided to team up with us, as the MatriX Organization, and alongside the Wolfers of Wolfenstein to take over the three factions that have made the Syndicate."

This was a concept of the two new allies I made up for the enhancement of the story "Project Syndicate: Xangent's Aura of Faith." Hopefully it was good as usual.

Best Regards. :)

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