Project Syndicate: Supremacy

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Project Syndicate: Supremacy

Post by SerpentineStorm-(DOG)- »

"...and that's why the Skaarj (with the Xanithian Harbingers) wanted to take over Southern Africa." Those are the last words from the recent briefing that frighten some antecedent warriors and make them wonder how will they take over Africa... was it by an invasion that has no mercy upon Uganda? Was it by a surprise blitzkrieg onto Northern Mozambique? It was all beyond their imagination to know what really happened.

I, Epsilon, am still wondering why are they taking over Africa... Do they think that Africa now has Tarydium? Do they think that the Nali have immigrated from Na Pali to Earth in only a few weeks? I still have no idea...

"These Skaarj Knights... they wanted supremacy... supremacy to conquer Africa and make it yet another Skaarj occupied area with nothing but slavery and melancholy." said Heliath, as he still investigates upon the Skaarj Knights and the Harbingers' real purpose of conquering one of the most prominent continents of Earth, only to be astonished by the fact the continent is slowly going to oblivion.

Tereth, on the other hand, is miserable because of his owners, who are slowly turning into pieces of trash still used by the Skaarj today.

But then a new warrior approached me: "Sir, Warrior Eta here."

"Ah yes, Eta, welcome aboard to the MatriX Organization!"

"Thank you, sir, but I have something important to state."

"Proceed, Eta..."

Eta's nervousness was what caused her to have some type of disorder I'm not really focusing upon, she was sweating too hard and she was vaguely desperate to say something.

"Take it easy, Eta, even if there's something critical, tell me and I'll handle the situation patiently..."

As I told her that, she proceeded to talk about yet again another political problem caused by Dalton J. Frasier's step-brother, Manderley J. Frasier.

"Mr.Manderley decided to create a new corporation that involves the Liandri pirates, the Izanagi pirates, and the Haxinavos Corporation. They're all joining with the Xanithian Harbingers and the Skaarj Knights, giving them weapons, vehicles, money, Tarydium, resources, and even the power to rule the people of Southern Africa."

"Okay, Eta, that should be clear enough as a warning to me and the rest of the warriors, thank you for your dedication to provide me with news, you may get back to your camp."

Although this angers many leaders, it was better for me to stay calm, because anger makes me lose what I wanted to think and create. So I decided to go for another briefing, but I was mistakenly interrupted by Antecedent Beta, because she warned me of the Ja'xa'ros and their surprising presence.

This led to our advantage, because we will let them know that "supremacy" is never the "key" to the "door of fortunes..."

and by "fortunes," I mean slavery.

"Xelios/Xereth: Mr.Manderley is already reporting the situation of a new syndicate formed by him, I think we should inform the forerunners that the syndicate is ready for another assault at Kampala, Uganda, and we need to create a new campaign to stop the Ja'xa'ros from having supremacy... But the problem is that we might not have enough time to reach there..."

"Tereth, The Izanagi are already building a new outpost especially made for us: Outpost K3O, so there's still time for us to prepare our campaign there." Informed Beta, as she tries to repair the unknown space shuttle of Skaarj origins, and as she looked at the design of the shuttle, she found some glyphs written in one of the ships' cockpit analogs.

It seemed pretty strange the Skaarj had their own messages to read through an analog...

She decided to hand me the glyphs over and I read them letter by letter, then I went for a "word-by-word reading."

Morpheus interrupted me because he found out the messages' secrets...

"Xelios/Xorpheus: I can clearly decipher the cryptic message's intention. For this message's intention is that of the date of their assault planned and what would they do with it.

It says:

'The sixth day of the dooming siege will awaken the light of the guardians for the civilization to follow upon its needs...
for supremacy has now become the significance of the Empire and the civilization alike...
Shall our species fight for the gift of the councilor is classified for our Skaarj selves to settle in it and dictate upon their reasoning.

For Jrath has he sacrificed his spirit for us to shed the blood of hope to his kind.'


I was actually mystified by the fact that the day of the dooming siege meant the time I was given the rank of supreme command of the Organization, when in fact I actually had no idea that the Skaarj planned to assault Africa at that time...

Meanwhile in Outpost ZVR, a man by the name of Gregory Y. Markgow has talked to the Ja'xa'ros leader, General Vuxuzros.

They both agreed upon the fact they had to conquer Africa and take the remaining resources to create a downfall for Africa and its poor civilians... whether they call this a supremacy for something I don't get or not at all is beyond my imagination...

But supremacy will never give or receive freedom to its owners who give the wrong taste to the meaning...

Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici.
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