Xelios Unleashed: The Enemy Within

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Xelios Unleashed: The Enemy Within

Post by SerpentineStorm-(DOG)- »

As I ventured to my objective after a talk with Gamma, I have found a mystery encrypted by questions, but decrypted by answers.
I have seen a small portion of Upsilon-X talking to me through a hologram, simply telling me:
"I have returned, my arch nemesis, to my state of resurrection, my state of vengeance, my state of being a rapturously perilous dictator, and so shall your fear intimidate you more!"

"I don't have faith in you, Sage, but sooner or later we will see who can reach leadership first. Either Wisdom or Tyranny!"

"We will see about that..."

"Who is 'we?'"

"Akimatus, Omnitus, and most importantly, Morpheus... I will have those three artificial bureaucrats take over the world, and I'll let them slip away this freedom that was long lost since your times with such lovely tyrants I admire!"

"You don't know the true power, Sage, you don't know the true strength, the true consistency of wrath built by society, published by humanity!"

"Say that again, Loser, every hero you see on the stories you read is saying the same stuff over and over again! But I was here, every tyrant was here to change the perspective of the world. Enough for the same 'we'll make it' stories, we'll just see about the powers of a true warrior. A true warrior who could defeat tyranny and replace it with victory."

"Maybe not for long, presumably I will be a different character that an author would create at his own imaginations, Sage.
Heh, guess I'll still keep on serving my freedom to my will and not to your business."

Ah yes, it was Upsilon-X Antecedent Formula Sage, back at it again! I will show him what's done of this political tyranny that he's aware of.

But then, I sensed something... something very sinister...
As I looked up the sky, I see a colony of jets up there, getting off of Earth and into Space, which gives me a hint that Upsilon did something! And if I remember a conversation between Omnitus and Akimatus, they mentioned about sending patrollers to Xanith-3 Pythagoras!

As madness rose to its maximum level on my fictional thermobar, I went off running aimlessly, searching for the location of my base, and until I was too close... there was a riot control near the right side of my base!

"Attention, all Matreon Units! You are advised to keep away each civilian entering the riot control scheduled near the MatriX Terminator Base, Riot Control Code: 9921."

I hid behind the ruined building of the Zenith Mining Center, looking with contempt and wrath that were built up madly.
Seeing that Frasier's forces were an enemy within was a feeling I was literally thinking: "What happened? What made those squadrons betray their leader? Why have they done this? And what was the purpose of doing so?"

And as I thought of that moment, Antecedent Power's quote before my combat against those 500,000 Skaarj Skimmers captivated me!

"Well, Tangent, you may never know the consequences of an opposing force that would literally change their side from nemesis to alliance. Besides, take one example of you feeding a beaver wood, but then it proceeds to bite you as an act of resistance instead of showing gratitude, now this is how we call them the 'Enemy Within.'"

I decided to move away from the place closest to the riot control of the Liandri Heliopolis and decided to try another closest route to my base's main gate.

And as I went there, I knew that many of my fellow Antecedent Warriors would know that Xanith-3 was their objective after a briefing commanded by an odd leader.

"Morpheus? I didn't know you resisted towards Upsilon!"

"Tangent, we could explain this moment now, warrior, but it is time you go to the Red Hot Triangle valley of Xanith-3."

And as we went on to Xanith-3 Pythagoras, I have seen the real reason behind the Matreon and Upsilon Saga Forces Campaign...
Defeating the man behind the Bureaucratic Foundation of Europeans after he traveled.

"No please! I can give you the whole Foundation you could work on! I don't wanna die! I have a wife who's already in the hospital suffering from cancer!"

"We will show no mercy until you'd tell us the real method of combining A.Is so that we could have our own A.I commanding the whole world, Frasier."

"Ok! Ok! I will! You go to the Yurigow Slavia Research Center and activate the Artificial Resources Combiner! And once you do that, type in the code 4-9-1-6!"

"Any other thing to say, Frasier?"

"I have one last thing to say... feel free to kill yourself..."

I then interrupted this argument with a fight... a battle I won't forget after Alpha's mutilation done by the Skaarj.

That battle ended up with the whole Matreon Forces dead, and the Upsilon Saga Forces terminated, but it also left my left eye inflamed by pepper spray too lethal enough to penetrate skin!

But instead of terminating Frasier and left him on his ruined facility, I decided my forces to take him prisoner; perhaps Antecedent X would know of this man and his work done not by him, but by Akimatus and Omnitus!

While on my way to sending him to my dropship, a colony of Skaarj Knights arrived, with Kraagesh (despite being a Skaarj and also the lord of the Krall) leading them to destroying me and leaving Dalton Frasier alone, by which I refused to leave him, let one of my warriors take him, and fight against them.

But they were tough enemies! Tough to take over! As I defeated about 432,000 Skaarj, The other 23,643 Skaarj stopped the fight and were ordered by Kraagesh to take me prisoner as well.

Sitting on the cell of the Skaarj Mothership didn't feel familiar as that of being on my base, as I waited for 5 months until something changed this situation...

I heard a robotic-like voice telling me:

"Someone avenges for you, Warrior...
Someone is waiting to be your central core once you get to contact them...
Someone is waiting to have your red Epsilon symbol on the middle of your Green Triangle...
Someone... Someone wants to be a benevolent dictator when they talk to you..."

As Antecedent X's message was clear to me, I became familiar as in who or what wanted me to become a source of my character today... I can still feel it... going all the way to my spine...

Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici.
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