Antecedent Delta Tangent 083: Xelios Unleashed: A Heroic Return

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Antecedent Delta Tangent 083: Xelios Unleashed: A Heroic Return

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Skaarj Skimmers were on the way to destroying the Asian Corps' World of Fundamental Needs, which is never great news to hear during a 2:30 AM assault when one metropolis of Liandri has been invaded with Matrion Terrorists and Skaarj Marines.

Gamma warned me of her sudden awakening and how this particular sudden awakening ruptured her process of becoming augmented.

"Gamma: Delta, I don't know if I'll be able to continue this process, and I'm still nervous of losing you, best warrior friend!

Epsilon (me): Gamma, there's no need to worry about me, I'll handle this situation on my own, and I'll order my Squad to prepare for aerial protection.

Gamma: Don't you think the Bureaucratic Foundation of Europeans may have said that this is illegal?

Epsilon (me): I don't think so, Gamma, how would it make sense for an assault without any chances of fighting back, right?
Besides, the United Nations even said that any Clan (Even if undercover) who fights for their own rights may use weaponry for defense.

Gamma: Ah yes, that's true, Tangent.
But we've got another problem...

Epsilon (me): Does it have to do with the BFoE?

Gamma: No, Tangent, Omnitus and Akimatus! They're trying to take over the world aimlessly and make this world a world of communism, where every human doesn't have his rights into becoming his own self, but rather a bird pecking for the government!

Epsilon (me): Ah yes, Akimatus and Omnitus, they are our worst plagues we'd ever meet up until now, I wouldn't think I would talk to a brainless A.I. which all it wants is to rule the world without authorized rules!"

The time was now... The 500,000 Skaarj Skimmers arrived, and each building which had aerial weaponry had all of my squad, and I was on Building K4, or the Liandri Trade Center.

And then bam! The Skaarj Skimmers have suddenly arrived, destroying all but 43 districts still not destroyed!
The huge massacre at 2:58 AM was a mess, with the 6,432 Skaarj Skimmers retreating since our Xectin Plasma Guns destroyed the other 493,568 Skimmers, by which 3,001 of them decided to ram into some buildings: The Liandri Hospital, The Federal Croatian Bank, and most importantly the Zenith Mining Center.

But then... a distress call has been sent to me cryptically:

"Tangent, don't think you can get to us! We are aware enough of your work done! If you only took a step towards us, we can keep you in a cage of discipline!"

Recognizing that deep voice was my own disadvantage, because I heard Mr.Dalton Frasier speaking to me.
Frasier did tell me though that he wants me to change things in his Foundation, the Bureaucratic Foundation of Europeans.
He included that Liandri and Izanagi Corporations are obliged to pay 98% of the taxes they fund, but the other 2% are corporations that aren't so famous like the rest of the corporations are, therefore, they have their rights (2%) whether they'll pay or no.
He also included that all of the population should follow the same rules, even eat the same food, and be on the same culture which I call the "Culture of Doom."

By which I responded:

"I'll never put these rules, as long as you have perverted the world on your own, Frasier.
Why should the world live on a circus cage, where the innocent animals of humanity are treated awfully by the clowns and professional actors of politicians?"

The Skaarj, on the other hand, heard my response and decided to join Frasier's side, simply telling me: "We will have our two oracles, Omnitus and Akimatus, to help us lead our way to leadership and make our world a world of freedom!"

"That is never freedom if you ordered an animal to do an excessive amount of work it can't bear with."

But then this political argument continued until another clan joined in and insisted to destroy the main core of the Liandri Mining Services, by which I, Delta Tangent, have sent in special forces to stop the Qer'kha Forces from doing so, by which it ended up as a success.

"Gamma: Tangent, we can't hold much longer! You have to find these A.Is and see what's their problem!

Epsilon (me): Will do, Faith, just give me a few moments and I'll see about the problem, but I'm facing consequences taken by a real Antecedent Veteran!

Gamma: What consequences, Delta?

Epsilon (me): I'm facing political corruptions and wars that loop each and every single day.

Gamma: Well, Delta, it's very common that you'll find wars and corruptions all around."

Until then, I will still have to see what remains during this time of corruption, war, and mutiny...

Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici.
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