Item Theories Part I

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Item Theories Part I

Post by EpsilonXangent-(DOG)- » Sat Aug 26, 2017 4:48 am

Epsilon Here!

so I thought about making an Item Theory Part I.
And I said "Perhaps that's an idea!"

Let's do it...

TDA-743 Tarydium Damage Amplifier:
The TDA-743 Tarydium Damage Amplifier is one of the strongest Weapon Modifiers in Unreal. As it amplifies the ASMD-74 and the T-8 Dispersion Energy Blaster. The Amplifier's Wires that come out of the device have a purpose of function, as the Red Wire is for the Dispersion Pistol (Cause: UMS has discovered Tarydium in a planet closest to Na Pali, so the Dispersion Plasma Energy uses Tarydium minerals), and the Green Wire is for the ASMD (Cause: The Fusion Power and the Shock Magnesium use Tarydium to Amplify the Shock Beam and the Shock Ball, leaving an Orange-Gold aura on the Shock Blast, with the exception of the Shock Combo).

EGI-43 Energy Generating Invisibility:
The EGI-43 Energy Generating Invisibility is one of the most useful Creature Modifiers in Unreal, as it uses Tarydium, Fusion Power, and augmented crystals to activate the Invisibility Artifact.
The Invisibility must be close to the user to function.

WAD-323 Weapon Acoustic Dampener:
The WAD-323 Weapon Acoustic Dampener is another useful Weapon Modifier in Unreal. It uses Augmented Technology and Unknown Crystals to function like the Invisibility, and again the device must be close to the user to function well.

That's it for Item Theories Part I, Next time there will be theories uploaded. Stay tuned for a special "Character Theories Part III!"

Best Regards. :)
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