A Surprising But Saddening Dream

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A Surprising But Saddening Dream

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I met another girl I knew last year (let's just call her Leah for privacy), and this year she became an important best friend alongside my other one. What saddens me is that the only time I saw her mother was during last year's annual show (at the time Leah was crying because her guitar didn't get the suitable frequency for the theater to hear the music, and I comforted her because she tried so hard, I told her mother as well), and the mother unfortunately died. This, of course, saddened Leah, and I supported her in order to feel comfortable.

As I started 10th Grade this year, of course I met new comers and then I talked to Leah, she felt blessed because she wanted me to be her best friend, which was completely wonderful for me.

Today I had this dream where I was going to get things for mom and dad, and then I was complete with everything needed until someone made me open my eyes wide, a person who looked just like Leah's mother was smiling towards me, and was also sad at the same time. She comes over and tells me:

"You're a person of respect and admiration, Seif, and I praise you for that! And I beg you, please take care of my daughter with your mighty personality! God appreciates someone like you!"

With my astonished look on my face, I replied with: "I will, Aunt [NAME COVERED FOR REASONS], Leah is one of a kind."

Waking up, I felt both astonished and sad that I had to dream about something reasonable, like God has sent me a message or a symbol in a form of a dream and I took it in a way I felt blessed that I was born with this personality, and that people all around appreciate one another.

And I tell you all, even if you do handle how you behave: Be kind to everyone you find respectable, and never underestimate them.

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