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I might have

Posted: Sat Mar 30, 2019 3:18 am
by Leo(T.C.K.)
I might have been too mean to some people without intending to. Fact is, I do miss my friends that I've lost recently or lost contact with.

I felt like I don't amount to much without them. I still live, but my leg might be permanently damaged so there's even less chance of me having some kind of a job.

I don't call people "friends" that offer a false advice or something completely inappropriate. And I get why some people that know better don't speak to me because things have gotten a bit too depressive over the course of many past months including that broken "trip" that had me earn some money beforehand only to lose everything in the most brutal and unfair way possible.

I'm never going to be a happy fluffy person because that's not who I am. But I do ask for forgiveness if anyone gives a two "cents" and some of my old friends might be reading this. I was an idiot sometimes who didn't realize everything at hand. Sometimes I just would need a little reminder of some things, but people stayed silent instead.

I now know that some communication was just cut off, whether by accident on part of the network (phone) or deliberate.

I chose to make this post here instead of the real life forum because this is not just about real life.

Re: I might have

Posted: Fri Apr 12, 2019 10:01 pm
by Leo(T.C.K.)
i'm sorry? yes well i had a removal in my ear, i'm afraid it might have been applying a little too much pressure on my brain and
there is a lot of allergic reactin/swollen stuff in my cavities but I am taking medicine now

And I find it refreshing finding some of my old emotions back. There was too much rage this was all causing in me and other problems. People always seek psychological stuff first but they're wrong. Too much pressure can clog your cavities...and your brain.

And you knw what? It's better to express yourself instantly and not hold something back and clog yourself, whether literally or not. Sometimes it cxan be a bit difficult.
EDIT: The question is, am I fine now? No, I still feel whetever's in my neck or my cavities, that didn't get cleaned up and as we know some anti allergy medication can have adverse effects.