Antecedent Tangent 083: The Return

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Antecedent Tangent 083: The Return

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"We are now here, the Source is nothing more than just a wasteland after the death of the Skaarj Queen. With my anger still at the MAXIMUM amount of level, I start to see Upsilon-X Antecedent Formula Sage with his colony against me, and I'm just like that man in a very vintage game I know, Doom.

'Tangent, Tangent, Tangent... it has been a long time since my last visit to see you' Added in Upsilon-X with his madness still at level but for some odd reason he calmly speaks like he's fine with it.

'Well, if it wasn't for you, then it wouldn't be a mission success to see you, you filthy nemesis!' I angrily replied.

Then... it was the time the fight started.

Sage's first group of the colony flanked to the left and attacked me, damaging me strongly, but I couldn't give up because if I were to, then I would perish the death that happened exactly to Omega (K.I.A), I found out that if I blinded them with one of my weapons and made them follow me to the Green Plasma, they would easily die. And that was a strategy I used upon Upsilon's devilish clan. The second group were to make me (almost) die from that green plasma because Upsilon distracted me with a Quantum-Plasma Grenade that actually took up almost all of the group, leaving a good 11 Pirates to kill.
The Third and last group used a strategy that actually played with my brain, clever traitors! But I had to defeat them as well.

And now... the actual battle now begins, after that skirmish of the Pirates, it left me badly damaged easily, but I wasn't able to die that easily because - guess who returned - Omicron covered me and provided me with a Health Tank to keep close to for a good 30 minutes.

'You stay there, Tangent, I'll show that Sage traitor who is the main antecedent lord!' Said Omicron, who appears to become more stronger after that last unconciousness of the Pirates.

'Should I help?' I asked, 'Maybe we can defeat Upsilon together and save Gamma before her time runs out.'

'No, Tangent, keep close to the Health Tank until it is time for you to get up and fight him if I perished, or maybe even help me if I'M the one who's badly wounded.' Said Omicron.

'Ha ha ha! What a coward! At least his baby brother is here to help him for more good fun!' Said Formula Sage, who appears to become 25% stronger after laughing like a maniac.

'Well, after that fight, let's see who's the crybaby now...' Added in (Ultra-Angered) Omicron, 'It's time for you to die!!! :evil:'

Upsilon used tactics to damage Omicron to a critical amount of damages he received from him. But that wasn't making him give up and succumb like a dying Nali. I realized that Omicron's Anger Level is at 105,000,000 Anger Volts!

Upsilon got very distracted later throughout the battle when Omicron was actually using a "Vision Distractor Unit Gun" which captivated Sage and fell down CLOSE to the Green Plasma. I got up after that and helped Omicron shoot him off fro his suit to proceed to kick him endlessly until he surrenders.

'Any last words, Sage?' I asked Upsilon-X.
'Go to hell, you wicked moron!' Shouted Upsilon before his death, ' You don't realize that I'm your brother?!' He shouted again.
'Not anymore, Upsilon, it's enough that you lied various times.' Omicron added.
'That Venom Leader, he's not even your leader! He's using you for literally nothing, NOTHING!' Shouted Upsilon-X.
'If that's the case, goodbye traitor!' I shouted, proceeding to shoot a Plasma Round into his head to stop shouting nonsense.

We have approached to Gamma, and she was close to being fed by Skaarj Pupae, but we have stopped the Pupae and freed her immediately, 'Omicron, take my words and go back to base to save Gamma, or you know what? I'll come with you.'
'But Tangent, how will we escape that easily without a ship?' Asked Omicron.
'There is a chamber of Escape Pods, and there remains one if I recalled.' I added.

We have went to the Chamber and found the remaining Escape Pod, and we quickly jumped in to escape and go back to the MatriX Terminator Clan MotherShip that is in under heavy attack from the Skaarj.

'Oh no! Not another colony of Skaarj!' Shouted Gamma, 'What are we going to do, Sine?!'
'Don't worry, Faith, we got this!' I added.

We have realized that Venom was actually using us for no apparent reason, and only wanted us to die a horrible death throughout Na Pali.

After my realization, I have began to become Super Horrifyingly Angry, and have went to the bridge without alerting any Skaarj of my Presence, with Omicron taking Gamma to the nearest and safest Med Lab to heal her well.

Meanwhile, I have approached to the bridge and hid behind one of the crates that is found in a dark area to my advantage,
hearing the conversation between one of the Skaarj Lords and the traitor Venom. They were talking about invading us after we have entered Gryphon 4-a.
Throughout the conversation, it was interrupted when 342 Antecedent Falcon has just arrived; namely "Lambda-C."
She destroyed the generator to defeat the whole colony of the Skaarj after their arrival.

It was dark in the bridge, and I secretly activated the Night Vision Sight on my system to see better and to back stab each Skaarj and leaving Venom alone.
Venom felt intimidation after hearing his pals scream in agony and die. I have appeared in a red glow with lava-like shield surrounding me since I was too angered by the betrayal, 'I have had enough of you, Venom! You have betrayed the whole clan and left nobody alive in their surroundings!' I screamed. 'No, Epsilon! It's not like what you think!' Murmured Venom.
'You are a wicked sick traitor of this clan, and I have lost all my respect because of you!' Screaming those words made me stab him in the chest to stop talking more about the betrayal and just move on to activate Auto Self-Destruct.

Gamma was feeling better and she felt stronger after being taken care by the nurses after the generator was destroyed.
Hearing the Siren and the Announcer say 'Warning! Auto Self-Destruct has been activated! Engage to Sector C5 for Escape Pods! Ship will self destruct in T Minus 5 Minutes!'

Omicron was defending the Med Lab until he got killed by Skaarj, and Gamma took Omicron's position to defeat the Skaarj, find me, and escape this wasteland once and for all!

'Follow me, Tangent! Before we're sent to oblivion!' shouted Antecedent Faith.
'Roger, Faith!' I added.

Of course we were running in the speed that was acceptable to run with and Skaarj were facing against us and we shot rounds until they died and at the last minute we took a Pod that suits 4 people, with only two of us remaining in the ship.

While the rest were dead or even escaped. The Ship got destroyed into pieces and that should be a lesson to that traitor named Venom who thinks that he's not doing anything.

'Where shall we venture to, Tangent?' Asked Faith, 'We shall go throughout our journey or maybe get back to Earth.' I added

The Journey Remains a Mystery."

This should be the end of my backstory of my name, and if you liked it, I can make a second sequel involving me and my partner Gamma (of course I don't mean an actual partner).

Let me know about your opinions on my backstory.

Best Regards. :)

“God has revealed to me, that you must be humble. No one should boast over one another, and no one should oppress another.” - Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

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