Antecedent Tangent 083: Chaotic Actions

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Antecedent Tangent 083: Chaotic Actions

Post by SerpentineStorm-(DOG)- »

"We have finally arrived into the abyss of the Skaarj Labs, and everything is too dark like how would anybody see Oblivion.
I may have heard a voice coming from one of the cells that repeats every time, reportedly saying 'I'm here! I'm here! I'm here!'
What idiot uses a recorder to fool us with Antecedent Faith (Gamma)'s voice?

But then, once we were close to our destination to activate a secret semi-generator that could provide light on appropriate places on the abandoned lab, a level 5 Earthquake just poured in from the Broken Generator to the Labs and into the Source Antechamber that was frozen after the destruction of the Skaarj Mothership. The approaching of the MatriX Pirates have arrived to defeat us with Chaos, led by Antecedent Formula Sage (Upsilon-X), he is in the process of being allies with the Skaarj.

Unfortunately I am the remaining Antecedent Warrior alive, with Omicron in a state of unconciousness, and Omega dying a horrible death I couldn't imagine. His Forearm skin on the left has been peeled off, and his heart was burnt off completely after the pirates provided him with a Syringe that gave out lethal enzymes on his Heart, but turning his eyes bloodshot red while wearing his mask.

I had to activate my Aggressiveness mode to Over 100,000,000 Level to scare away the Pirates and giving them nightmares after defeating those 1,963 Pirates like a Skaarj-Tiger Hybrid. They have regretted the decision of defeating me and went on to retreating back like cowards.

'Sage! I'm getting you next, you insane Antecedent Devil!!!!! :Drogar-Radioactive: :twisted:' I added in as I became Superiorly insane after the death of my best pals!

'Uh-huh? After your Chaotic Actions, will you fight me first or the Skaarj?! After all you're insane!' Added in Mad Upsilon-X.

I have started to see Upsilon-X arrive in a statement of Madness stronger than me; 150,000,000 Anger Volt Level, while mine's 100,000,000 Anger Volt Level.

'We shall fight to the death, you devil!' I added in while my forehead shows the Letter 'Epsilon' while inside a Letter 'Delta' in Dark Red, which indicates that my anger level is at maximum!
Antecedent Tangent 083.png

To be Continued..."

That's the third part of my Antecedent Tangent Series, while although this story had something graphical in it, I didn't mean so.
But then again I hope you enjoyed the Third Part of the Story, and I do them in separate posts so that I could rest and think of a new part in the Story.

Best Regards. :)

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