Antecedent Tangent 083: Mysteries Unfolded

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Antecedent Tangent 083: Mysteries Unfolded

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"It was a time where we finished our plans for the upcoming future to save Gamma and to protect Na Pali from upcoming foes we terminate, and we moved to our positions that should be close to the place Gamma is in. While Gamma was still tortured by Skaarj, she added in that she's doing good after those horrible acts the Skaarj have done for her, at least she didn't look really messed up or even added her into a Jre'khaer Tank of the Brutes that could seriously eat her off lethally.
'Tangent, I hope you're doing good with the rest of the squad.' said Antecedent Faith 049, and that was before her radio got jammed easily by the Skaarj.
We have entered the most evil base of the Skaarj, the Mothership.
We have used the teleporter to enter the insides of the Mothership, that was when a Prisoner actually entered the Mothership and obliterated the Queen, wonder what was 849's thoughts on entering a Queen's hatch, the Source, did she actually think that there will be a gigantic Queen with Pupae standing ON her for no apparent reason? Did she think that the Queen would be a large Spider controlling this colony of Skaarj? We'll never know.
When we approached to the lab, I've heard a dark, familiar voice from a nemesis that I, Antecedent Tangent 083, would want to terminate so easily 'Well hello there, Antecedent Tangent SCS 083, we have finally come together again after a long journey, and we shall meet again for your filthy Gamma will be gone soon!' said Upsilon-X Antecedent Formula Sage 724.

'And we shall find ourselves again throughout this chaos and fight until one of us should take the sister of Alpha.' I added.

I did unfold the mysteries of this Upsilon-X to my fellow Antecedent Warriors, now this Devilish Antecedent won't be forgotten to our clan once he was retiring from MatriX Terminator Clan...

To be continued..."

That was again another story that I hope you'll be interested in my name origin.
And no, I'm not in the progress of making another clan since I am on the amazingly beautiful -(DOG)- Clan.

Best Regards. :)

“God has revealed to me, that you must be humble. No one should boast over one another, and no one should oppress another.” - Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

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