ImplantGun Separate Release (Posses monsters!) + Source

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ImplantGun Separate Release (Posses monsters!) + Source

Post by Leo(T.C.K.) »

This is a separate release of the same ImplantGun File + sources except the UT ones (I don't have my own laptop with me so I could only go with the original sources now plus new testmaps and a textfile).

But it's better to do it this way than to die or get in big trouble and not have any kind of source release at all. Besides any differences in the UT version can be extracted there wasn't much diff unfortunately in E1P2 Lite. There should have been 225 map versions of regular test maps in E1P2 LITE (and FULL once that gets out which should be soon)...

So here's hope that it's not my last release, but I got a crazy home owner that's either going to go berserk at me or get me in other big trouble with the laws/state.

That's all I can say for now, I hope this is not the final release of anything I do...because I love this game and would sacrifice my last efforts for it.

Download link (apart from the attachment).

More info in the text files, this is some amazing coding work by CodeX. None of the "original code" was used anymore.

EDIT: Ignore attachment, wrongly uploaded anyway. Attachment removed (gz2 not an allowed attachment extension), just use the link for dl.

E1P2 FULL should come soon, if some people will give me a little break.
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